Buying small packets of silica gel in Mumbai

Since Mumbai is a coastal city, many HAM Radio Operators need to take good care of their Radio Sets, Amplifiers and other equipment which is easily susceptible to moisture. Although there are many sophisticated gadgets like dehumidifiers which are available, Silica Gel is the age old tried and tested method.

Silica Gel can be used to remove any type of moisture from any type of equipment chassis or component.

The problem is finding retail sachets or packets of it.

Today I picked up some sachets of Silica Gel, which were pretty reasonably priced from:

Amrutlal Bhurabhai & Co.
Anand Bhuvan, Ground Floor, 17, Babu Genu Road,
Princess Street, Mumbai – 400002.

+91-22-2201-1023 / +91-22-2201-1024 / +91-22-2201-9187


25 gms @ Rs. 8/-

10 gms @ Rs. 5/-

5 gms @ Rs. 3/-

Taxes Extra

* Prices may vary from time to time.

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