How to Apply to Department of Telecomm. (DoT) WPC for a Duplicate Amateur Radio License

The following steps will help you to obtain a duplicate Amateur Station Operator’s license from WPC, incase your license is lost / destroyed / mutilated or torn.

Step 1:

File an FIR with your local police station.

Step 2:

Write the application letter or use the below mentioned draft letter.

In the following draft, you only need to replace the details in green with your details.

Duplicate Amateur License Draft for WPC

Step 3:

Make a Demand Draft of *Rs. 10 (Ten Rupees Only) drawn only through State Bank of India in favour of PAO (HQ), DoT, New Delhi – Payable at New Delhi, Service Branch No. 7687. Refer to this guide for help on making the DD.

* The 2005 Amendment has revised the fees from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100. The implemented changes will be visible on the WPC Website.

Step 4:

Attach 1 unstamped envelope of size 23 cm x 15 cm with your address written on it, to the application letter, so that the duplicate license can be sent in it.

Step 5:

  • Application for Duplicate License
  • Demand Draft of Rs. 10* (or Rs. 100 as per 2005 Amendment) with your name, callsign and any reference no. written behind
  • 2 Identical Passport Size Photographs (with your name, callsign and application no. written behind them)
  • Self-Addressed Envelope
  • Original FIR – Remember to keep a copy
  • Copy of your lost / mutilated license (if you have it with you)

All the above must be sent to:

The Assistant Wireless Advisor to Govt. of India,
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology,
Department of Telecommunications (DoT), (WPC Wing),
Amateur Section, 6th Floor, Room No. 616 / 619, Sanchar Bhavan,
Parliament Street, NEW DELHI – 110 001.

Relevant Sections from THE INDIAN WIRELESS TELEGRAPH (AMATEUR SERVICE) RULES, 1978 – as amended by
The Indian Wireless Telegraphs (Amateur Service) Amendment Rules, 1984:

20. Loss and Issue of Duplicate of Licence and Document showing the Renewal of Licence:
(1) A person whose Licence or the document showing the renewal of licence has been lost, mutilated or destroyed shall notify the same to the Central Government.
An application in Annexure VII of these rules for the duplicate shall be made to the Central Government embodying a statement of the circumstances involved in the loss, mutilation or destruction of the licence or the document showing the renewal of licence for which a duplicate is required.
If the licence or the document showing the renewal of licence has been lost, the applicant must state the circumstance in which it was lost and the reasonable search has been made for it, and further that in the event it be  found, either the original or the duplicate shall be returned for cancellation.
The mutilated licence or the document showing the renewal of licence for which the duplicate is required should be forwarded alongwith the application for cancellation.
(2) The Central Government may issue duplicate copy of any licence or the document showing the renewal of the licence and the following charges shall be levied for such issue-
(i) For duplicate of licence – Rs. 10
(ii) For duplicate of the document showing the renewal of licence – Rs.  5