Increasing Wireless Security

Make your own unique SSID (Service Set Identifier)

One of the first things you should do to secure your wireless network is to change the default SSID on your wireless router.

Choose a unique and difficult-to-guess SSID.

Disable the SSID Broadcast. With the SSID Broadcast enabled, someone could obtain your SSID with simple Site Survey software and possibly gain access to your Wireless network. Change the default administrator password and username for your router The default login and passwords for your router’s web tools are simple and well-known, making them easy for hackers to figure out. Important information such as your network address, account and security settings should only be accessed by you. These settings should be changed when you install the router.

Set up security for your wireless network at the push of a button

Some Linksys routers feature SecureEasySetup (SES). SES utilizes push buttons to automatically set up and secure your wireless network. Push the SES button on your router or access point and your wireless client will automatically set up a unique Wireless Network Name or SSID, and secure your network using Wi-Fi Protected Access™ security.

Which type of encryption should I set up — WEP or WPA?

Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) is a type of wireless security which does not change. It provides comparable confidentiality to a traditional wired network. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a type of wireless security which is dynamic in nature. Hence, WPA is more secure compared to WEP. It is recommended that you enable WPA or the strongest level of encryption that your router supports.

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