Setting up an Instant Website using WordPress

Wordpress Content Management System
Wordpress Content Management System

What is WordPress?
Wordpress is an open-source blogging platform a. k. a. content management system, which allows you to easily create your blog or website and also provides an interface for you to update it regularly.

Can WordPress be used to create a professional website?
Yes, ofcourse. WordPress has a wide variety of free and paid templates, which allow you to give a professional look-and-feel to your website.

What are the advantages of using WordPress for setting up my Instant Website?
* no charges for the software, since it is an open-source software
* no need of spending hundreds of dollars on making and updating a simple website
* no headache of getting a designer to update your site
* no need to enter into any long term contracts. Your WordPress site setup is a one-time task
* no need of purchasing a license to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. You automatically get access to the latest version of WordPress for free
* no dependence on an employee to update your company’s blog. It’s so simple, even a CEO can use it
* instantly change the entire look of your website. Have a different look for your website, every season or festival – instantly

* Real-time updations
* Password protected pages
* Widgets
* Recent Articles calendar
* Article Tags
* Visitor and Page Statistics
* Instant Theme change
* Visitor Comments
* Multiple User accounts
* Easy HTML Editor
* Instant Backup of your entire website#
* Email alerts
* Update your website through email#
* Instant Polls
* RSS Feeds for all the updates on your site
* Accept donations and money online
* Constantly scrolling gallery of your products
* Contact Form

…..Wordpress is limited only to your imagination…..

Whom is it for?
* Students wanting a website for their projects or work showcase
* Proprietors or Upcoming Businesses with limited budget
* Traders who want to instantly update their product information
* Society’s and Organisations with a Non-Profit motive
* Schools and Colleges wanting to keep their students constantly updated
* Coaching classes or hobby classes, wanting to touch base with a larger audience

– Mainly for those who want to update their site very regularly.
– Also for those who may update their site once in 6 months and want an updation tool which is easy to remember.

Whom is it not for?
* It is not for a very large business enterprise, which has a large budget and wants fancy animation with a design to be made from scratch.

Can someone setup this WordPress site for me? What is the cost?
Of course. We are here for just that.

Work to be done:

  • Installation of WordPress (latest version)
  • Guidance on selection of theme
  • Implementation of theme
  • Basic advice on nature / layout and format of content
  • Customization of theme (Comment Removal / Page Consistency / Widget Addition / Layout Formatting)
  • Content Management (Addition / Formatting / Modification of CMS) upto 10 WordPress pages
  • Basic Training on self-updation and modification through CMS
  • Basic logo editing insertion
  • Valid for 1 month from date of starting work

Cost: Email me on ruzbeh [@]

Can I contact you to update the site?
Yes definitely.

How much time will it take to get my website started?
If all your content and ideas are ready – It may take just between 8 – 12 hours.
If any image editing is involved, then it may take some more time.

Still not convinced…..?